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Mission Statement

To protect the citizens and businesses of the West Bank of the Greater New Orleans area in Jefferson and Orleans parishes from hurricanes and riverine flooding by inspecting, operating and maintaining the integrity of our levees, floodwalls and floodgates.


Mississippi River Levees

From its historical beginnings, Louisiana has been susceptible to annual flooding from the Mississippi River. Always intent on finding the straightest, steepest course down to the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi has changed its course many times. However, since the late 1800s, a levee system, particularly around New Orleans has helped contain the massive body of water. This system appeared to do its job until the fateful year of 1927, when heavy spring rains soaked the Midwest and changed the way America harnessed the Mississippi River.

The Flood of 1927

In the spring and summer of 1927, flood-level water covering 26,000 square miles of America’s heartland, rushed violently down the Mississippi River toward a final destination of New Orleans and the river’s mouth.

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Administration Committee
Mr. Stephen P. Gauthé – Chairperson
Ms. Kelsey R. Foster – Member
Mr. William Fogle.  – Member

Operations and Maintenance Committee
Mr. Ronnie Robinson, P.E. – Chairperson
Mr. Larry B. Ardoin – Member
Mr. Kyle Galloway, P.E.  – Member

Commissioners and Executive Staff


Mr. Larry B. Ardoin

Executive Staff
Regional Director

Mr. Nicholas P. Cali

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