Board Requirements

  1. The SLFPA—West Board must consist of no more or no less than two (2) members from each parish (Orleans and Jefferson) on the West Bank.

  2. The board must have two (2) at-large members.

  3. Three (3) members who shall either be an engineer or a professional in a related field, such as geotechnical, hydrological, or environmental science.

  4. Two (2) members who shall be a professional in a discipline other than that occurring in #3 above, with at least 10 years of professional experience in that discipline.

  5. A Nominating Committee shall recommend one name for those members listed in #3 above, and two names for those listed in #2 and #4 above for each board position to the Governor.

  6. The Governor shall appoint from the list of nominations.

  7. Senate Confirmation is required.

  8. Members serve staggered terms.

  9. Members are prohibited from political activity similar to the Louisiana Board of Ethics.

Application for Appointment to SLFPA-W Board of Commissioners