SLFPA-W Begins Patrols As The Mississippi River Rises Above 11 Feet

The Mississippi River is above +11.0 at the Carrollton gage and the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority- West has begun phase one flood fighting on the Mississippi River. The authority will inspect the levees to ensure that all soil borings, groundwater monitoring wells, any type of drillings, pile driving, excavations or foundation work and any other structures to be constructed across the levee and the adjacent batture within 1500 feet of the Mississippi River Levee centerline is restricted by the +11.0 Carrollton gage restriction, unless a waiver of that +11.0 restriction was granted in their permit up to +15.0’. None of these activities can take place when the river is above +15.0’ at Carrollton.

Additionally, the Authority will ensure that no vessel ties or moors to the vegetation on the batture within 180 feet from the centerline of the levee.

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