Activities Requiring a Levee Permit

When Is A Levee Permit Required?

  • No construction within six feet of the landside toe of any levee is allowed. Applicants may request that SLFPA—West review their requests. Each request must fully comply with all plan requirements to enable adequate review of the request.
  • Any crossing of any levee requires a permit.
  • Any construction that includes excavation within 300 feet of any levee within the Authority’s jurisdiction must be reviewed by SLFPA—West. Depending on the scope of excavation, permission will be granted with either a Letter of Objection or a permit. No fees are charged for a Letter of No Objection. Examples: Demolition of a structure, excavation for foundation or utilities and fences, and excavation for trees or large shrubbery.
  • Any construction involving major excavation within 1,500feet of any levee within the SLFPA—West jurisdiction requires a permit. Examples include: Driving of foundation piles, or construction of in-ground swimming pool or the drilling of soil borings or oil/gas wells. All of these actions would require a permit from the Authority, through either the West Jefferson Levee District or the Algiers Levee District.
  • Citizens and companies wishing to perform work near or upon the levee system must apply for a permit.

How to Apply for a Permit:

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West Jefferson Levee District Permit Algiers Levee District Permit

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