The HBAGNO PAC Endorses the Algiers and West Jefferson Protection Millage Increase!

November 18, 2015


The Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans PAC has endorsed the proposed hurricane protection millage  proposition coming up for a vote this

  SATURDAY, November 21, 2015. 

The millage increase will be responsible for providing funding for 30 years of maintenance for levees and structures. 

It will also ensure that our levees will continue to qualify for FEMA certifications. 

Failure of the measures will create the risk of levees failing to achieve this certification, and subsequently our flood insurance rates will soar beyond the reach of most homeowners.  

This is a vote for preservation of our home values. From the prospective of those who build homes for a living, we can’t think of a more important vote for businesses and residents who want to continue protection from Hurricanes. 


VOTE YES to Millage Increase

this Saturday! 

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