Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority –West (SLFPA-W) Increases High River Inspections

On December 14, the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority –West (SLFPA-W) initiated a Phase I Flood Fight, increasing river inspections and implementing additional flood protection measures to protect the residents and businesses of the West Bank.  As of December 30, the river has reached 12 feet and more than 75 percent of our flood side batture is under water. At this time, we have not seen any evidence of seepage or other issues and will continue increased inspections along with our routine maintenance activities.

 As the river continues to rise, SLFPA-W will continue to monitor construction activity within 1500 ft. of the levee centerline and will enforce R.S. 38:225(A)(2), which prohibits vessels from tying or mooring to revetments or tress on the levee within 180 feet from the centerline of the levee. We will continue increased river inspections and will activate additional measures as needed.


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