April 28, 2018 Millage Election

The issue:

On April 28, 2018, the voters of West Jefferson will have an opportunity to secure long-term flood protection. Funds from this election will be used to raise levees as well as maintain flood walls and structures. Because of the system in place, homeowners and businesses now have the most favorable flood insurance rates available. FEMA approved FIRM(s) in August of 2017 that became effective in February of 2018. More than 40,000 homes on the West Bank will see a positive benefit in rates, while more than 26,000 homes will see a neutral benefit. This election ensures future levees and maintenance in exchange for lower flood insurance rates. The positive and neutral benefits will be lost if our system is not maintained.

To see how your home or business will be classified, visit: Http://geoportal.jeffparish.net/flood/public.

What you’ll see on the ballot:

Shall the West Jefferson Levee District (the “District”) be authorized to levy and collect annually a special tax of 4.75 mills on all property subject to taxation in said District (the “Tax”) (an estimated $4,750,000 reasonably expected at the time to be collected for an entire year) for a period of ten years beginning with the year 2018, and ending with the year 2027; and shall the revenues or proceeds of 4.75 mills of the Tax hereafter received from the authorization of the Tax be dedicated and used for the purpose of constructing, raising, armoring and maintaining levees, and for the Repair, Rehabilitation and Replacement of capital projects for purposes of flood and hurricane protection including the Bayou Segnette Complex, Harvey Sector Gate Complex and the District’s share of the West Closure Complex; including payments required in connection with debt obligations incurred for any of the above capital projects.



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