Latest Update on Tropical Storm Nate – 4

TS Nate is still expected to make landfall as a hurricane between Venice, LA and Mobile, AL early Sunday. The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-West (SLFPA-W) is continuing to monitor, as it is expected to impact southeast Louisiana. Tropical Storm conditions will be felt along the coast by Saturday afternoon. Nate currently has maximum sustained winds of 60 MPH and moving NNW at 21 MPH. Impacts to our area will entail potential rainfall of 3-6 inches and winds in the 45 MPH range Saturday afternoon through mid-day Sunday. Potential Storm Surge of 4-6 feet above normal impacting communities outside the Hurricane Protection System.

At this time, 27 floodgates have closed and 40 remain open. The West Closure Complex and Bayou Segnette Sector Gates remain open as well; however, the SLFPA-W expects to close all land-based floodgates by 5 p.m. CDT on Saturday.

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